Fiber Splicing Machine Manufacturing and Usage Info

A fiber splicing machine is handheld equipment used to amend broken fiber optics or connect two ends of new fiber optics. There are two types of fiber splicing machines, fusion and mechanical. Fusion splicing is recommended splicing method in today’s world of fiber optic networks. The fusion splicing machine is mostly used as it provides the most strong and most reliable joints. In addition, there are the least loss cases and reflectance of joints mended by fusion splicing machines.

Manufacturing and Material of Fibre Splicing Machine

These small optical handheld metal body, fiber splicing machine weigh around 1.25 kg. They are automatic with an industrial quad-core chip. The fiber splicing machine has a flashlight on the head of the machine for easy night operations. The fiber Splicing machine has a five-inch touchscreen colored monitor display and Keypad operation. It has a 7800 mah high capacity lithium detachable and rechargeable battery, heating tank, and windproof cover. It has mini USB 2.0 to transfer and store splicing modes.

It is only compatible with indoor Fiber cables with thicknesses of 0.25mm to 3.0mm. It has 41 normal or high-precision modes and can store 100 splicing modes. It turns on in 3 seconds, automatically starts heating, and is ready for use in 15 to 30 seconds. The fusion splice time is 5-6 seconds. It has an anti-fall effect and is drop resistant.

Moreover, it is dustproof, waterproof, shockproof, and high-temperature resistant. It is more reliable than other splicing machines. Fiber splicing machines can smartly connect to the Internet and be synchronized with the phone to connect to the server to access unlimited cloud storage. It can work at high altitudes with the help of high-altitude trays and straps. It is a 3-in-1 fiber holder and can splice certain fiber optics, which include SM, MM, bare fiber, multi-fiber cable, rubber-insulated fiber, and pigtail fiber.

The fiber Splicing machine can switch freely to 10 languages stored in its CPU or can be customized to other than those languages. It comes with a carrying bag or padded carrying case with a removable sitting stool to facilitate the construction worker. That stool can carry 100 kg of weight. The splicing machine can be used while keeping it in its toolbox. The toolbox has two-tier drawers, one is for tools, and the other is for accessories.

Usage of Fibre Splicing Machin

A handheld small optical Fiber fusion splicing machine is used for connecting two ends of indoor fiber optic cables by welding or fusing them by heat or electric arc. It is usually used to amend broken indoor fiber optic cables or to connect two or more ends of new fiber optic cables. After connecting, a cover is placed on the joint to make the splicing strong and permanent. The fusion splicing machine can effectively measure the loss of connection, helps assess the quality of fiber link transmission, and also helps to verify continuity.



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