Youku TV: Your Gateway to Endless Entertainment Choices

Are you searching for a streaming service that offers original content and regular updates? Want to experience accessible entertainment on the go? Or do you want to get the most out of your spending on the streaming service? Then you are at the right place. This article will guide you through the remarkable and incredible service that ensures all these offerings.

This service is Youku tv. It offers original and updated content regularly to its subscribers. Want to know more about this service? Then, stick to this guide and uncover everything on Youku TV. Let’s dive right in!

Youku TV – What is It?

The term TV in Youku TV reflects that it is a TV. It exists online and offers accessibility to all. You can use this service to watch series, movies, dramas, and cartoons on the go. The option exists to use this service without a subscription and with a subscription. The only difference is that the subscribers enjoy full HD content at 1080p and the latest content. At the same time, the non-subscribers enjoy content in 720p. The Youku TV is a breakthrough in the streaming world.

What Makes Youku TV Rise Above the Competition?

The number of advantages that Youku TV offers its viewers and users differentiates it from its competitors. Find out about the advantages that you can harness down below:

Supports Global Access

The Youku TV exists on the internet. This allows anyone to access the service online. You can consume the content type you want anytime and anywhere. There is no restriction on the usage and location. While this is true for other services, you cannot access them as they support the use in a specific country and specific city.

Speed Control

You can control the speed of the content you are watching. The intuitive interface gives you access to multiple speeds. These variations include 0.5X, 1.0X, 1.5X, 2.0X. This allows you to watch the video at any speed you want. You can either tweak it at a slower mode or tweak it at a faster mode. In case you are in a hurry and must deal with other tasks. You can use the fast speed mode to consume the whole content.

Cater Personalized Experience

When watching on Youku TV, you can enjoy a completely customised watching experience. For instance, you can tweak the audio, add subtitles, and tweak the sound. You can choose the audio in multiple languages. An option exists to change the subtitles in multiple languages. This way, you can also tweak the video quality from lower to higher or higher to lower. You are the boss when you are using the Youku TV. You can watch whatever you want, depending on your desires.

Zero Storage Requirement

You don’t need to download the series or wait for them to complete on TV. Downloading consumes the space. So, if you are a series, movie, or drama lover using Youku TV, you don’t need to worry about this. Youku takes care of all your storage worries and anxieties. Just watch as many series, dramas, or seasons as you want.



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